Substance separation

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Substance separation

Mixtures of substances consist of at least two different pure substances, which can be either homogeneously or heterogeneously mixed with each other. By exploiting the different physical or chemical properties, the pure substances can be separated - do your homework . Such separation of substances is of very current importance, especially from the point of view of the ecologically responsible use of raw material reserves and the need to avoid waste.

In everyday life, substances are separated e.g. in waste recycling plants, drinking water treatment or waste water treatment. But also in the human body, the separation and processing of substances takes place in the internal organs. In the case of malfunctions of the liver or kidneys, the separation of substances must be carried out artificially, as humans are not viable without these processes.

Waste - a valuable mixture of substances?

There is no waste in nature. "Waste" is completely recycled. For example, fallen leaves are completely decomposed and the resulting substances are reintroduced into the material cycle. Our rubbish also contains many substances that can be recycled - chemistry helper . To do this, the mixture must be separated. In waste separation plants, many processes of material separation are used, which are based on the properties of the materials. Some important processes will be presented. First, the waste is roughly pre-sorted on a conveyor belt, sometimes by hand. Mainly bulky objects and foils, but also textiles are removed.

In a screening plant, the waste is separated into coarse and fine waste.

Iron parts are removed from the mixture with a magnetic separator (electromagnet) and delivered to steel mills as scrap.

In a wind tunnel, parts made of paper, cardboard, light plastic and remaining textiles are blown out due to their low density and thus lower mass.

In various wet stages - english homework help , again due to different densities, materials such as wood, hard plastics, metals, ceramics and stones are separated.

Although valuable materials are recycled through waste sorting in waste facilities, waste sorting is nevertheless a complex and expensive affair and requires a lot of energy for the various separation processes. Therefore, waste separation in the household should save some separation processes.

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